Evaluated at Midwest I Boys Multi College ID Camp on 11/25/2017 by Coach Lukowski of University of the Cumberlands

Skillset Overview

Technical Abilities - 92 / 100
Finishing - Has a knack for being in the right places, looks to score, and has the ability to finish.
Ball Control - Quality first touch in space, and controls the ball under pressure.
Tactical Abilities - 89 / 100
Field Spacing - Highly active and involved in the attack. Gives good distance of support and passing angles for teammates.
Reading The Game - Does well seeing the first level of pressure and making appropriate decision on the ball.
Physical Abilities - 92 / 100
Strength - Did a good job handling challenges and played well shoulder-to-shoulder.
Agility - Showed good agility. Good body positioning and footwork helped you change directions quickly.
Mental Abilities - 92 / 100
Confidence - Great confidence, didn’t shy away when challenged at camp and played with a sense of urgency.
Team Player - Great team-first attitude. Was encouraging and supportive to teammates throughout camp.
Coach's Comments
Great attitude and a pleasure to work with at camp. Mitchell's ability is what set him apart from other players at the camp. His athleticism and ability to finish will carry him into the next level. Where he put himself on the field and and his vision to see the game were what had him stand out. As a 2019 grad, he still has time to develop and has the potential to become a top player. Mitchell has a bright soccer career ahead of him.
The more you are able to beat defenders with speed, the more they will force you to beat them on the dribble. If you can continue to develop this, the more dangerous you will be as you enter your remaining years of high school and the more valuable you will be as you enter college.
You are a fast player and have all the physical attributes to be a lethal forward. The more you work on your explosiveness and burst, the more you will be able to beat defenders to the ball and hold them off.
You are a very influential player on the field. The more you can communicate with your teammates, the more they will look up to you and your game will become easier when you get the ball and can score.